11+ Booster Courses

I have scheduled 11+ booster courses due to popular demand. The courses will take place online and will consolidate pupils’ knowledge and understanding of all topics as well as providing them with opportunities to practise their exam technique.

Do you teach for the GL or CEM exam?

The CEM exam is used for entry to Berkshire grammar schools whereas the GL exam is for pupils wanting to enter Buckinghamshire grammar schools. Many elements of the two exams are similar, however, the Verbal Reasoning content differs between the two exams. The layout and structure of the GL and CEM exam papers are also different.

I offer individual tuition for both the CEM and GL exams and I provide booster courses for both sets of exams.

Why group lessons?

The 11+ exam is extremely competitive and a small group works well as it encourages pupils to pit themselves against others and often raises their attainment as a result. A small group can also make sessions more enjoyable. I only have a maximum of eight pupils enrolled onto each online booster course to ensure that I can provide a good deal of individual attention for each pupil.

What will the booster course cover?

The course will cover all the topics necessary for success in the 11+ exam. Session One will focus on maths, particularly mathematical problem solving including fractions, percentages, area/perimeter, volume, ratio, graphs and Algebraic equations. Session Two will be centred on English and activities will comprise of synonyms, antonyms, homographs and homophones. Comprehension exercises will also form part of this session with a focus on tackling the more complex inference style questions. Session Three will cover Verbal Reasoning and topics will vary according to whether pupils are sitting the CEM or GL 11+ exam. Activities will include cloze exercises, odd word out and letter codes. Session Four will comprise of Non-Verbal Reasoning and Spatial Reasoning and examples of topics covered include matrices, sequences, analogies, series and odd one out. Throughout all of the sessions, there will be timed exercises which will encourage pupils to work within the time constraints that will be placed upon them during the actual examination.

How does the online booster course work?

I will send a Zoom link to each pupil in advance of the course. At the beginning of the session, we will have a brief introduction and welcome chat. I will display all learning materials via screen share and I will also ask pupils to place themselves on mute at this point. If pupils have questions then I ask them to raise their hands virtually by using the Zoom icon and I can then speak with pupils regarding their particular questions. Alternatively, questions can be posted in the chat. There will be periods of independent work throughout the course which will culminate with group discussion and marking. However, I am available at all times to assist pupils with any of the set independent activities.

How will the pupils be assessed?

I will carry out informal assessments of pupils throughout the booster sessions and I will provide an individual report at the end of the course, detailing strengths and areas for development.

What will pupils need during the course?

Pupils will require paper, pencils, pens, highlighters, erasers and a ruler. They will also need to bring a dictionary and thesaurus to the English and Verbal Reasoning sessions.

How much do booster courses cost?

The booster courses are reasonably priced and take account of the fact that I am offering group sessions. Please contact me directly for further details.

When is the next booster course taking place?

The next course is scheduled for half term and will take place from 1st-4th June 2021. Lessons will take place for an hour and a half each morning.